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When will I receive my order?

Preorders aim to fund the production of products, so items will ship when production is complete and products have been sent to me! The preorder funding period will be one week and production is approximately 4-5 weeks, I'm expecting to receive the pins in mid-later June and they will be ready to ship out asap! Shipping times will depend on where in the world you are and how the mail is running at that time, generally UK shipping time is around 2-3 days, Europe up to 2 weeks and everywhere else 3-4 weeks!

What happens if the design I want is not funded?

Production of these pins is dependent of presales, I hope to be able to make all six, but if not all are funded you will instantly refunded upon the decision with apologies for the disappointment! Pins will be made in order of popularity! Updates will be posted on Instagram!

What happens if there are delays?

If there is one thing I think we've all learnt over the last year, its that ANYTHING can happen! Pin production has been very consistent for the last six months, so as things are now I am not expecting any large delays, but should anything change you will be notified by email!

Will shipping be tracked?

Tracked shipping can be added on at check out if you require a tracking number! 

If I order items in stock with my preorders will they ship now or with preorders?

Anything purchased with preorders will ship with preorders!

If you have any other questions please message me with the contact form and I will be happy to help you! Thank you very much for reading and for your interest in these pins! <3

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