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Store FAQs

Q: My order still hasn't arrived?
A: I'm really sorry for any disappointment caused! Unfortunately shipping is delayed due to both COVID and Christmas, current estimates are 3-5 weeks (all mail is shipped from the UK), hopefully your item will be with you very soon, but if it hasn't arrived within this time period, please message me!

Q: I ordered from your store and didn't receive a tracking number, is it possible to get information on tracking? 
A: UK International Standard Shipping doesn't automatically come with a tracking number, so I can only offer it as an additional add-on to keep international shipping at an affordable price - if you ordered tracking at shipping and didn't receive a number, please get in touch! If you ordered with Standard, your parcel will arrive to you within 3-5 weeks, and if it hasn't arrived, please get in touch, I cover any potential loses!   

Q: Do you take commissions?

A: I don't currently take commissions, but if I open them, Instagram and Twitter are the first places I post about them! 

Q: What is a SECONDS pin? 

A: A Seconds pin a flawed pin sold at a reduced price, flaws can vary from unfilled enamel, small marks / flaws, sight frame chips, wrong colours, e.g. 

Q: Will you be getting ______ back in stock? 

A: I tend to do short runs of most of my pin designs, but if something is coming back into stock it should say on the page description for that listing! 


Q: What is the dispatch time for orders? 
A: I aim to dispatch all orders within 24 hours on weekdays, I don't ship on weekend. Tracking numbers may take an an additional 24 hour for your number to be confirmed and sent to you! 

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